What movies are you watching this weekend?

This column is pretty self explanatory. I'm gonna share with yall what I'll be watching this weekend. And you share with us what you'll be tapping via the comment section below. So here it goes!

Yup I am in a Chucky phase. I did CHILD'S PLAY 2 last weekend, so this weekend am looking at CHILD'S PLAY 3 (1991)! And of course the new SILENT HILL. No advanced screening for this one so will catch it over the weekend. I fear the worst, specially if I go by Eric W's review!

PS: I saw the new Bond movie SKYFALL yesterday. My quick thoughts: Whatever Quantum of Solace did wrong, this one did right! Skyfall was a throwback to the more early Bonds like From Russian with Love, focusing on plot and characters with coherent action scenes and editing. It has a wonderful villain (gleefully played by Javier Bardem) and an old school opening song by Adele! I still dig Casino Royale the best out of the Craig Bonds but Skyfall was near flawless. Happy 50th B-Day 007!

So what about you? What are you watching this weekend? Let my sorry ass know below



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