What happens if/when Merle & Daryl reunite on The Walking Dead? Rooker & Reedus speak

You know it's bound to happen...

Separated during the first season of AMC hit "The Walking Dead," a collision course between brothers Merle and Daryl has been mounting ever since the latter's reintroduction this season. Well, regarding such a topic, both Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Michael Rooker (Merle) shed some light to THR. Scope it...

"There's a role playing game -- big brother, little brother -- that still affects them as adults," Reedus tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Daryl's conflict is not just can he and Merle get along but is he still the same guy Merle had his big thumb on and does he still want to be that guy?"

Reedus continues:

"When the brothers are reunited, certain things happen and that will be the struggle: Does Daryl want to be like Merle anymore? It's a different world and there are no second chances and that causes conflict on both sides."

Always a personal conflict that cruxes the drama. Probably what makes the show as popular as it is. Here's what Rooker added:

"Merle is for Merle...If there's any human being on this Earth at all he cares about, it's his brother. Life is too short nowadays to be politically correct; we can be eaten at any moment. You don't know where Merle is going to put his cards."

All very intriguing, for sure. What do you think will or should happen when the two bros come together? Think one of them may actually end up killing the other at some point?

Extra Tidbit: Hot or not: Michonne (Danai Gurira, above)? I say obviously yes!
Source: THR



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