Why you must check out Shout Factory TV right now!

I love the horror genre.

I've always said this genre is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when I think I've seen all the good flicks out there, a minor classic pops back up on my radar, I give it a go, and find myself wondering how I only got around to watching it this late in life (not that I'm, like, an old man or anything). 

One such screening happened last night when I peeped SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE PART II for the very first time. It was already past my bedtime (I swear I'm not an old man) but I threw on the sequel because I knew one of my favorite minor scream queens Juliette Cummins (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING) co-starred and sometimes that can be enough for me.

That and The Arrow's hilarious REVIEW.

After peeping the flick - and loving it for what it was - I jumped on these here internets to find out more info on the film. Thus leading to my discovery of SHOUT FACTORY TV.

I don't know about you but I was unaware this horror streaming site was a thing. But it is. And, boy, is it f*cking great. Sure the selections available for - FREE streaming - are limited, but in true Shout Factory fashion, the titles are choice.

Last night I not only watched a cool 20-minute interview piece with the cast & crew of SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE PART II but then stayed up WAAYY past my bedtime to binge-watch the director's commentary for John Carpenter's mini-classic BODY BAGS and the cast & crew commentary of the mega-classic NIGHT OF THE DEMONS!

I don't know if you're into audio commentaries like this guy, but all the same, make sure to head on over to ShoutFactoryTV and check out their selection, including THE absolute coolest section streaming anywhere on these internets with VAULT OF VHS. Here they offer free horror and cult flicks in all their pan-and-scan, warped-to-sh*t glory. 

And it is a thing of beauty.

Slow clap, Shout Factory. You never cease to amaze with your love of the genre. Other sites *cough*Netflix*cough* may learn a thing or two from the boys over at Shout Factory TV. That is all.

Have you checked out ShoutFactoryTV before? What do YOU think of the streaming service? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

You can access ShoutFactoryTV right HERE. Enjoy!

Dear Shout Factory TV, please add SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 2 to The VHS Vault asap.

Extra Tidbit: John Carpenter deserves a f*cking Oscar for his role in BODY BAGS.



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