Would Jeffrey Dean Morgan return to Supernatural?

I've said it before and I will no doubt say it again, but I'm not the world's biggest fan of the CW's teen-horror series, SUPERNATURAL starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. But that said, I am a fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In fact, I'm such a fan of the man's work, following his role as The Comedian in director Zack Snyder's adaptation of Alan Moore's WATCHMEN, that I even watched the first episode of Morgan's THE WALKING DEAD appearance - which is saying a lot. 

Anyhow, before being an utter badass in the likes of WATCHMEN and THE WALKING DEAD, Morgan was (perhaps) best known for playing John Eric Winchester, the father of the show's protagonists, Sam and Dean Winchester on The CW's SUPERNATURAL. Daddy Winchester has long since left the show, but now that Morgan is all kinds of a big-shot these days, will the man ever return to his roots for more Winchester adventures?

Well, recently The Comedian named Negan took to Twitter to answer a few fan questions here and there, and obviously, at some point, a fan asked Morgan if he would entertain the idea of returning to the world of SUPERNATURAL. Here's what Morgan said:

Sure. If the story was right.

Easy answer, but it works for me. Now again, I'm not the world's biggest SUPERNATURAL fan. But I have a feeling all the same that if you or a loved one DO dig the CW horror goodness that the series puts out on the regular, then you'll no doubt be jumping for joy at the mere possibility of Dean Morgan's return. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it considering fans of the series are rabid as hell, and literally everyone on the planet loves JDM.

Would you be excited for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's return to SUPERNATURAL in the future? Hit us up and let us know below! In the meantime, SUPERNATURAL: The Complete Thirteenth Season is currently available to own on Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD RIGHT HERE.

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