Wrath of the Titans director talks warrior-demons & lava-monsters

Warrior-demons and lava-monsters? This a hard sell by Liebesman or could THE WRATH OF THE TITANS actually have some pretty cool shite going on?!?

Either way, such subjects were broached by WRATH director Jonathan Liebesman (above) when he spoke about his new film to The L.A. Times. The flick opens in about a month, so if the mythology of the first film mixed with the visual flare of BATTLE LOS ANGELES sounds like your bag, by all means check out what Liebesman had to say about WRATH below:

"We’ve been lucky that the source material for a project like “Wrath of the Titans” is so vast and epic in nature. We were afforded the luxury of finding the most incredible aspects of Greek mythology, like the highly imaginative and gruesome monsters, and work them into the more traditional narratives of the mythology. I’m a huge fan of the Makhai, a vicious warrior demon composed of two fallen souls from the underworld that have been conjoined, forced to fight as one creature for all eternity. We’ve worked some fantastic stunts around their unusual corporeality."

Dude, the hair...


"We are grateful to have the architecture from the first film(s) in terms of narrative; the world and characters have been set up and we were allowed to take it and run with it. We wanted to bring a reality to the film in terms of the characters — obviously, when you’re fighting a 1,000-foot monster made of lava, nobody is giving you a gold star for your use of cinema verite, but when you really believe what the character is going through and the emotional journey they’re on, then you start to genuinely hope for their victory against the 1,000-foot lava monster. That investment was very important to us. Sam was instrumental in providing this grounded, gritty performance."

Sounds pretty damn cool, even if it is Jon's job to make it sound like so. Read more of what he had to say about the film HERE.

WRATH OF THE TITANS crashes down March 30th.

WRATH star Rosamund Pike

Extra Tidbit: You like CLASH OF THE TITANS or BATTLE LOS ANGELES better?
Source: LA Times



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