John Fallon gives up some info on The Shelter!

As you're likely well aware, Arrow in the Head's MBC ("Main Badass in Charge") John "The Arrow" Fallon is in the process of developing his directorial debut, THE SHELTER (LIKE ITS FACEBOOK PAGE HERE) which is set to star Michael Pare. Production doesn't commence until January 2014 - which is too far off if you ask me - but Fallon is already chatting up the project.

In an interview with Canadian site We Came from the Basement, Fallon discusses THE SHELTER's origins, the expected challenges of making his feature debut, and more. Here are some excepts:

On how "personal" the project is:

I think I get my cake and eat it too with this one. On one end the film sports lots of scares, eerie imagery and tension driven sequences. On the other it is layered and tells a very human story. It’s probably my most personal script as I delved within myself, my own sombre past experiences and my individual spiritual beliefs to write it. People won’t expect this kind of material coming from me. I guess you can say that it is my most mature work thus far.

On casting Michael Pare in the lead role of "Thomas":

Mike is perfect for this role and for this film period. I actually had him in mind when I wrote the script and I feel blessed to have him onboard. Being that the character of Thomas is in every frame, I needed an actor that had the gravitas to keep the audience with him at all times. Mike has that. Moreover, he is a very spiritual person and being that spirituality is one of the film’s main themes that was ideal for me too. Lastly, I wanted an actor that I knew to some degree as a person for my first feature. I’ve known Mike for years now; he is a very committed actor, is professional and has a good head on his shoulders. That’s gold on a set. Am looking forward in working with him!

What he expects from sitting in the director's chair for the first time on a feature:

Exciting, challenging while being psychologically and physically draining. I have been on enough sets to know what I’m in for, it’s gonna be a war but I am beyond ready for it. You’re also only as good as the people that surround you and so far I am very confident with the cast and crew that we are assembling.

To read the entire interview with Fallon, head over to We Came from the Basement right HERE. And keep an eye out for more goods regarding THE SHELTER soon!

Pare and Fallon!



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