You can dig up Fear: Buried Alive on A&E for Halloween

Have you heard of A&E's upcoming live special Fear: Buried Alive? If you're claustrophobic, you might not want to. They're kicking off Halloween with a lethal little show about the nature of fear that's half Fear Factor, half Houdini, all terrifying. In the special:

Three people are buried alive in an effort to conquer their darkest fears. In this two-hour live event, the participants will be sealed in underground coffins and closely monitored under scientific conditions as they endure a series of escalating horrors designed to test the strength of their psyches. But this extreme experiment is not about escape -- it is about enduring and defeating true terror.

The experiment is based on a controversial psychological practice known as immersion therapy, wherein subjects are flooded with their darkest fears in order to overcome them. Studies show that when we willingly push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and face our fears, we come out feeling empowered and triumphant. Will they have the strength to make it through the escalation?

The show also features interviews with Eli Roth about what scares us and why (people from other countries mostly, if my reading of his filmography is correct). Of course, thanks to A&E's consultants, the participants will be perfectly safe. Physically. However, that kind of mental stress has got to be traumatic. For once I actually hope that this reality TV event is staged, because that concept is just rough.

If this show is successful, it might lead to a whole slew of these Fear Factor on steroids specials. I wouldn't mind seeing Fear: Public Speaking or Fear: Going to the Dentist, but for the time being this is what we've got.

If you're feeling brave, check out Fear: Buried Alive on A&E on Monday, October 26 at 8 PM ET/PT.

Extra Tidbit: Would you ever agree to go on a show like this?
Source: A&E



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