Hostel 2 Pics

Did anyone notice that as soon as the uptights of America started complaining about gratuitous torture in this (lackluster) season of 24 about one third into the season, the torture suddenly vanished, as did the show’s gusto? It goes to show people, never compromise, or the work will suffer. But there’s good news for all you torture-philiacs: Eli Roth’s HOSTEL 2 is just about two weeks away from release (June 8), and for those of you who really can’t wait, Lionsgate has provided us with some publicity stills from the film, which are available BELOW. Most of these are pretty tame compared to what we’ll see in the film, but I doubt Lionsgate is about go releasing publicity images of girls getting their tracheas torn out. Click on the pics to ENLARGE.

Source: Lionsgate

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