Hugo Weaving to lead Craig Monahan’s Healing

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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I’m glad Hugo Weaving hasn’t been stuck with just villain roles since THE MATRIX. It happens a lot to actors that have played superb villains but just like the best (Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken) Hugo Weaving has shown he’s more than capable of playing a variety of roles.

THR has news that he will be using some of that range for the film HEALING that is being directed by fellow Australian Craig Monahan. The two have worked together before in PEACHES and THE INTERVIEW. The movie also stars Xavier Samuel, Don Hany, Jane Menelaus, Anthony Hayes, Mark Leonard Winter, Robert Taylor, Justine Clarke, Laura Bent, and Tony Martin.

HEALING is “a tale of redemption and the discovery of hope, centers on real-life prison inmate Viktor Khadem’s (Hany) last 18 months before release after serving a 16-year term. Khadem is sent to Won Wron, a low-security, pre-release prison farm, where Senior Officer Matt Perry (Weaving) has established a unique program to rehabilitate broken men by giving them the responsibility for the rehabilitation of injured game birds, such as eagles, falcons and owls.”

Reminds me of the kitty therapy program at the end of TRAILER PARK BOYS: COUNTDOWN TO LIQUOR DAY.

Production on HEALING is set to start on February 18th and should be released sometime in early 2014.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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