Hunting Bigfoot trailer: cryptid documentary comes to VOD this month – Exclusive!

Director Taylor Guterson’s Hunting Bigfoot is set to receive a digital and cable VOD release on February 15th, and with that release date swiftly approaching we’re proud to share the EXCLUSIVE first look at the trailer for the documentary. You can watch it in the embed above!

Hunting Bigfoot has the following synopsis:

Did he really see it? Or was it just in his head?

As he emerges from yet another long slog in the Northwest wilderness, John’s resolve remains undiminished. Long estranged from his family, John checks in to grab some provisions and touch base with some fellow sympathizers and true believers before resuming his all-consuming quest—to verify the existence of a Sasquatch he claims to have witnessed.

In Hunting Bigfoot, Seattle-based filmmaker, Taylor Guterson skillfully melds the worlds of narrative feature and documentary film to capture this portrait of a broken man obsessively pursuing personal and professional redemption in a world where many of those close to him think he’s crazy.

We have quite a fascination with the cryptid known as Bigfoot here at Arrow in the Head, as you may have noticed from the multiple episodes of our shows on the Paranormal Network YouTube channel that have been dedicated to the creature. There’s even a series on there called That Bigfoot Show! So we’re really looking forward to checking out Guterson’s Hunting Bigfoot. Looking deeper into the background on this one, it sounds like the man at the center of the film, John Green, has a fascinating and tragic story to tell.

Guterson previously directed the 2011 comedy Old Goats and the 2014 follow-up of sorts Burkholder. He also co-directed the 2016 comedy Viral Viral.

Will you be watching Hunting Bigfoot later this month? What did you think of the trailer? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Here’s a poster for the film:

Hunting Bigfoot

Source: Arrow in the Head

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