I, Chihuahua: Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias to star in Netflix animated film

Gabriel Iglesias, Netflix, Jorge Gutiérrez

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias is making some big moves in 2022. After becoming the first comedian to perform and sell out Dodger Stadium, it’s been announced that Iglesias will star in the Netflix animated film I, Chihuahua. Directed and co-written by Jorge Gutiérrez (Maya and the Three) with Doug Landale and Candie Kelty Langdale, the film tells the tale of Chacho – a scrappy masked Luchador Chihuahua who embarks on a hilarious and action-packed journey around the world to fight for his family. After learning his beloved home is in danger, Chacho dons a Lucha Libre mask to become Luchacho. Our masked underdog then enters an international fight tournament, competing against a hilarious and eclectic mix of animal fighters from all over the world, in the lead-up to a final, epic fight against the nefarious beast known as Chamuco, The Widow Maker. In addition to his starring role, Iglesias will also produce alongside Tim Yoon.

“I cannot wait for everyone to see this wonderful film that celebrates underdogs in and out of the ring! It has action, drama, laughs and twists & turns, like any great Lucha storyline movie should have,” said Iglesias. “When I first had the idea of a Lucha Libre cartoon, there was no one else I wanted to partner with other than Jorge Gutierrez. He has a brilliant mind that can expand this story in unimaginable ways.”

“After The Book of Life and the amazing experience on Maya and the Three, I’m now thrilled to collaborate with [VP, Animated Films] Melissa [Cobb], [VP, Animated Films] Gregg [Taylor], [Director, Animated Films] Tito [Ortiz] and all my friends at Netflix Animation on my follow up animated feature: I, Chihuahua! And to finally tag team a movie with my good friend and creative partner Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias is a dream come true!” added Gutiérrez. “Our internationally epic and heartfelt film will be a hilarious love letter to Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) movies, fighting video games, and underdog sports films. I don’t want to over promise but THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST MASKED CHIHUAHUA FILM EVER MADE! What a time to be alive!”

What a time to be alive indeed! This is not the first time that Gutiérrez and Iglesias have joined forces for an animated feature. The duo previously worked together on The Book of Life and Maya and the Three. In addition to the aforementioned projects, Iglesias has also voiced characters for several animated features including Space Jam: A New LegacyUglyDollsFerdinandThe StarCocoThe Nut Job and The Nut Job 2: Nutty by NatureSmurfs: The Lost Village and Norm of the North.

As I’d mentioned, Iglesias recently sold out Dodgers Stadium, where he’ll be performing and filming his upcoming Netflix comedy special Fluffy On The Field. He recently joined the cast of the NBC multi-camera pilot Hungry as a series regular. Iglesias will play Danny, a big-hearted big buy who’s the life of the party. The series is executive produced by Demi Lovato and the cast will also include Ariel Winter, Valerie Bertinelli, Alex Brightman, and Ashley D. Kelley.

Who’s ready to enter the squared circle with a pack of Luchador chihuahuas? I say bring it on! We’ll let you know more about I, Chihuahua as the project continues to come together.

Source: Deadline

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