Immaculate: Sydney Sweeney horror film secures an R rating with grisly images, nudity, and more good stuff

The Sydney Sweeney horror film Immaculate, which reaches theatres next month, has earned an R rating for bloody content and nudity

The Motion Picture Association ratings board gave Zack Snyder’s sci-fi war film Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver and the Blumhouse horror production Imaginary PG-13 ratings this week, but they also sat through a movie that gave them some rougher material to sit through: the psychological horror film Immaculate, which reunites Sydney Sweeney – whose credits include Euphoria, the recent romantic comedy release Anyone but You, and the upcoming Sony Marvel movie Madame Web – with Michael Mohan, who directed her in the erotic thriller The Voyeurs. Immaculate is set to reach theatres on March 22nd, and it now sports an R rating for strong and bloody violent content, grisly images, nudity and some language.

Scripted by Andrew Lobel, Immaculate sees Sweeney taking on the role of Cecilia, a woman of devout faith who is offered a fulfilling new role at an illustrious Italian convent. Her warm welcome to the picture-perfect Italian countryside is soon interrupted as it becomes clearer to Cecilia that her new home harbors some dark and horrifying secrets.

Simona Tabasco (The White Lotus), Alvaro Morte (Money Heist), Benedetta Porcaroli (Baby), and Dora Romano (The Hand of God) are also in the cast.

Sweeney produced the film through her company Fifty-Fifty Films, alongside Jonathan Davino. Also producing are Teddy Schwarzman and Michael Heimler of Black Bear and Middle Child Pictures’ David Bernad, who developed the project with Sweeney after they worked together on the Emmy-winning series The White Lotus. Will Greenfield and Black Bear’s John Friedberg and Christopher Casanova serve as executive producers. Black Bear provided the financing.

Are you interested in seeing Immaculate on the big screen next month? What do you think of it earning an R rating for strong and bloody violent content, grisly images, nudity and some language? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

Religious horror ranks down there as one of my least favorite sub-genres, but I’m willing to give Immaculate a chance… and I have to admit, the fact that it has earned an R rating for that list of reasons does make me more interested in checking it out.


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