INT: Danny Glover

It’s a pretty impressive list when looking over the films Danny Glover has taken on in his career. From LETHAL WEAPON to THE COLOR PURPLE to every type of genre in between. He even took on television with “Brothers and Sisters”. He is a major talent and has an amazing ability to really create some living and breathing characters. And in BE KIND REWIND, he makes for a very sympathetic and likeable video store owner. I’d go there.

I wasn’’t sure what to expect from Mr. Glover, and when I sat down with him at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, I noticed a very quiet demeanor. He talked about his career and of course his latest film. He seemed to be a very nice man that is nothing like Murtaugh, the cop who is supposed to retire. Make sure you check out BE KIND REWIND this Friday to see the softer side of Danny.


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