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When David Arquette stopped by the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood to sign copies of his newly released DVD THE TRIPPER, something that he did really impressed me. There was a young man who told David that he was a cancer survivor and that he was a big fan of his. He told him that his favorite movie was READY TO RUMBLE and you could tell he was excited to meet Mr. Arquette. The beauty of it is, David treated this guy like a real person, he really talked to him, and this was early on as my interview with him was about to begin. But he seemed very happy to talk to this survivor of something far scarier than a slasher flick and of course, much more important. But it wasn’t pity and it wasn’t pretension, he just talked to him.

In fact, every single person that bought the DVD or even stopped to say hello, David treated very well. He was sincere and pleased to be talking to them. He wasn’t being kind for press sake, because believe me, when people do that you can tell. No, this is just a kind person who has a kick ass sense of humor and a genuine goodness about him.

So after he talked for a moment with the gentleman who had fought tougher odds than many folks I know, he continued with our interview. And you know what, I had fun. I also really enjoyed THE TRIPPER and was excited to see his unabashedly fun old school horror film about a psycho wearing a Ronald Reagan mask killing hippies. I always appreciate it when you can tell that the person directing a horror film really gets it. After all, David was Deputy Dewey in the SCREAM franchise, he has a history with horror. He has also taken on quite a few strange roles in his career including one of my personal favorites DREAM WITH THE FISHES. Yet as a director, he really offers up a genre flick with tons of good stuff to make the fans happy. It was a pleasure talking to the guy, and hopefully he’ll return to the wild and wonderful world of scary movies when he directs again.

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