Is NBC bringing back David Lynch’s Twin Peaks?

Take this news with a grain of salt since rumors of TWIN PEAKS returning have been circulating for years. Blastr is reporting that David Lynch has been having meetings with NBC and on the Internet that means it is definitely related to creating a third season of TWIN PEAKS.

Of course Lynch could be doing pretty much anything at NBC. With his voice work on Seth MacFarlane‘s THE CLEVELAND SHOW to his hilariously deadpan recent guest role on FX’s LOUIE, Lynch is becoming recognized in the mainstream again. NBC has been trying to reposition themselves with some original series lately and getting something from Lynch guarantees it will not be like anything else on network television.

TWIN PEAKS was an ABC series that lasted for two seasons and followed an FBI agent investigating the disappearance and murder of Laura Palmer. It starred Kyle McLachlan as agent Dale Cooper and featured a cross-dressing David Duchovny, alternate dimensions, lumberjacks, and the best coffee ever. Definitely not a show for everyone but a great show nonetheless. It was followed up by a movie prequel, FIRE WALK WITH ME.

Blastr reports rumors that the third season could take place a short time after the events of the second season, with the Cooper/BOB scenario still playing out, while other reports say that the show would take place 25 years after the original, although it would resolve the plot threads from back then.

I would be down for the 25 years later scenario to make up for the lost time between the end of the second season and today. But I would take more TWIN PEAKS however Lynch wants to provide it.

Source: Blastr

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