Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk canceled amid Facebook Watch axing

Jada Pinkett Smith is out of a job, as her talk show, Red Table Talk, joins the list of programs cut after Facebook Watch closure.

Red Table Talk

It won’t just be Chris Rock keeping Jada Pinkett Smith’s name out their mouth, as her online talk show, Red Table Talk, has joined the lengthy list of series canceled following Facebook Watch’s shuttering. So maybe she has time for G.I. Jane 2 after all…

Jada Pinkett Smith addressed the cancellation in an Instagram post, writing, “We are so grateful to have had such a beautiful partnership with Facebook Watch and we are sorry to see the entire team disband. We wish everyone well in their new journeys to come…We at Red Table are in talks of finding a new home and we’ll see you soon.” Red Table Talk launched in 2018, running for five seasons and nearly 130 episodes.

While the cancellation of Jada Pinkett Smith’s show is a direct result of Meta shutting down Facebook Watch originals, one would be justly skeptical if Westbrook–the company founded by the Smiths–could find a new home for it. After all, both Willie and Jada are far from being in public favor…something to do with a violent overreaction to a mediocre joke, we think.

Although Red Table Talk may not have been on everyone’s minds (seriously, how many of us thought, What has Jada Pinkett Smith even been up to?, during the Oscars debacle last year?), it was quite popular on Facebook, with 11 million followers and around 600,000 group members. Still, it missed a major viewership boost by mostly dodging the topic of The Slap. Instead of devoting an episode to it, they essentially brushed it off the month after.

Red Table Talk has the following description on its official website: “Welcome to the table, where we tackle current social and cultural issues with an inter-generational perspective.” Also on the site: “Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Willow, and mother Gammy – three generations of women open their home for a series of candid conversations with family and friends about the most important and provocative topics of the day.” The show, for some reason or another, spawned a spinoff starring Gloria Estefan and her family.

Do you see Red Table Talk continuing or will public fallout over the Smith family be too strong? Give us your take below!

Source: Variety

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