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Last Updated on July 5, 2024

What began simply as a place to host movie trailers, the JoBlo Movie Network You Tube Channel has grown way beyond our expectations and become a staple in the You Tube trailer and videos community. More than anything, it's been a great place to put cool content for our reader/viewership and today we've marked another milestone on the ever-expanding series of channels as our Main Trailers channel surpassed 2 billion views! A milestone by any account, we've immensely proud of the growth we've had with the channel(s) and it's all thanks to YOU GUYS, so thanks for being awesome, checking us out and helping us grow to where we are now. As movie fans, we couldn't be more stoked to see this community grow.

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Check out our full press release below!

"One of the world’s longest-lasting online movie fansites, the JoBlo Movie Network (, established in 1998, recently made history by becoming the 1st independent fansite to conquer 2 billion views on YouTube via its JoBlo Movie Trailers channel.

The YouTube slice of the JoBlo Movie Network was established in 2011 with the creation of its flagship channel, JOBLO MOVIE TRAILERS and has since grown by 7 more channels including JoBlo TV Trailers, JoBlo Movie Clips, JoBlo Superheroes, JoBlo Animated, JoBlo Video Game Trailers, Movie Hotties and most recently, a channel focusing solely on original content videos created by the fanboys behind the JoBlo brand called simply JoBlo Videos. The combined subscribers from all of their channels is also approaching 2 million.

CEO/Founder Berge Garabedian says that, “After establishing ourselves for close to 20 years as a top resource for fans to get their news, reviews and previews online, the transition to video and the YouTube platform was the next obvious step and just at the right time.” is best known for its fanboy credibility and its coverage of all things movies, with over 3,000 celebrity interviews and hundreds of hours of coverage from the San Diego Comic Con, the Toronto Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, and hundreds of set visits from around the world. Steven Spielberg, among many others in the industry, is a fan of the site.

Garabedian believes that, “Our connections within the industry over the years have helped us tremendously, our good relations with all of the top movie studios, as well as our reputation among real movie fans. The industry has changed and much of the internet is run by corporations now, but we’re still run by a bunch of fanboys in the trenches, which is why I think our brand keeps going strong after 20 years online.”

Garabedian said his company has further plans for growth in 2017 and beyond, including the recruitment of more video editors to produce original content, the creation of more YouTube channels and websites, as well as projects involving VR, Apple and Facebook. In 2018, the company expects to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a major party at the San Diego Comic Con."


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