John Fallon’s The Shelter (co-financed by Cannes screening in May

In early 2014, my best friend John Fallon (aka the Arrow, the man behind our horror section Arrow in the Head) completed a lifelong dream of directing his own full-length feature film entitled THE SHELTER in Louisiana starring veteran actor Michael Pare. Over the past few months, he has completed the editing on the film with Holbrook Multi Media from Louisiana, created a poster for the film and a teaser trailer (see below). The film was co-financed by this website,, and we are now in the process of screening the movie to peers and professionals in the field, submitting it to Film Festivals and putting together its final trailer.

…one of Michael Paré’s best performances ever and it showed that Fallon has the chops for the job. – Patrick Lussier (director Drive Angry, My Bloody Valentine)

To that end, we recently managed to get the film into a market screening at the Cannes Film Festival around mid-May and invite all interested buyers and distributors to check the film out, or just email us with a request for a viewing. The film is currently seeking worldwide distribution and our reps in that endeavor can be reached at DC MEDIAS. So far, we've been receiving very positive feedback from those who have seen it and so we're hoping that continues and that we can get the film out in front of many more eyeballs in the long run.

…an offbeat hybrid of dark morality tale and horror film…. an unsettling atmosphere of dread and unease. Michael Pare does some of his edgiest work here. Can’t wait to see Fallon’s next film. – Eric Red (writer, The Hitcher, Near Dark)

The film, which has been described as a slow-burn psychological drama with hints of David Lynch and the feel of 70s movies like ROSEMARY'S BABY, is something we're all very proud of, and came straight from John's heart and soul, hence the deeper meanings behind the film. I personally really appreciated the comparisons to Abel Ferrara’s BAD LIEUTENANT and Martin Scorsese’s LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST. We took our time with this film because we wanted our first completed production to be a movie that would be memorable and we definitely feel as though we've achieved that here. Stay tuned to this site for the exact date/time of the Cannes screening and thanks to everyone who has supported us through this production. For more info on the film, check out its official blog right here.