Keanu Reeves would be up for Speed 3

With the upcoming JOHN WICK looking like a return to form for Keanu Reeves, we may be on the cusp of seeing the former MATRIX star becoming a viable leading man in action movies again. While a new MATRIX may seem unlikely, why not gauge whether the SPEED star would be willing to return to one of his trademark performances.

While Keanu Reeves has said in the past he doesn’t think there is a chance of returning for SPEED 3, a recent interview with Nerdist yielded a slightly different answer. When directly asked about making another movie, here is what Reeves said.

“Oh my gosh, ‘Speed 3: Redemption’! Sure. You know what I mean? Jack Traven just dusting it off.”

Now, Reeves could have easily been answering sarcastically, but at this point in his career, why not? Both MAN OF TAI CHI and 47 RONIN were massive flops while the upcoming JOHN WICK looks pretty damn good. Returning to RAMBO and ROCKY worked well for Sylvester Stallone, so why not Reeves? I mean, he has been working on a third BILL AND TED for years, I think SPEED 3 would be a much easier sell to a studio. Maybe Jan De Bont would come back, too?

Source: YouTube

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