Kill Bill Vol. 3: Vivica A. Fox is calling on Tarantino to make the sequel

After a very memorable prologue, Kill Bill fans were teased about a follow-up involving Vernita Green’s daughter hunting Beatrix Kiddo.

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Will The Bride make a return? Quentin Tarantino has stated ever since the release of his ode to Kung Fu movies, Kill Bill, that he has thought of a continuation involving the daughter of Vernita Green going on a quest of vengeance to find and kill Beatrix Kiddo after witnessing her murdering her mom. Variety recently sat down with Vivica A. Fox, who portrayed the slain character of Vernita, and she is rallying for Quentin to make the teased sequel.

Fox is currently at the Sundance Film Festival, where she talked at the Variety Studio presented by Audible. “People are hungry. Quentin [Tarantino], let’s go!” the Independence Day star said. “I’ve been waiting. They said it’s going to be my daughter growing up. I know he’ll figure out some kind of way…maybe I’ll be in a flashback. I’d love to work Quentin again and I’d love to work with Uma again. It was a lot of training.”

There have been some names that have been thrown around that could fill the role of Green’s daughter, and Fox also already has someone picked out. “Zendaya… she’s beautiful, she’s amazing. She’s winning Emmys,” Fox says. “We’d have to fit it in her schedule. She’s killing the game.” She also states, though, that she hasn’t been in touch with Tarantino for a while, “I haven’t talked to Quentin in a little bit. The last time I saw him I got invited to a party during his Oscar run for [Once Upon a Time in Hollywood], the film with Leo [DiCaprio] and Brad [Pitt]. He had a great party on Sunset. Now he’s a dad! He might be taking some time to enjoy fatherhood.”

The cast of the female hit team in the movie went through rigorous training for the fight scenes. They were choreographed by none other than Hong Kong legend Yuen Wo-Ping, who was also famously choreographing fights for the Matrix films at the time. Fox stated that Quentin’s regimen for the actors to do the bulk of their fighting helped to get her into amazing fighting shape.

Fox is currently at Sundance promoting a documentary about trade workers titled, Skilled.

Source: Variety

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