King Kong vs Godzilla (1962): Who Won and does it predict Godzilla vs Kong?

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

Freddy vs. Jason. Alien vs. Predator. Batman v Superman. The Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong. All iconic characters that were mashed up together by the corporate Hollywood machine to beat the shit out of each other for our amusement, and save two flagging franchises in one fell swoop at the same time. Now Warner Bros. and Legendary are pitting the classic movie monsters Godzilla and Kong against each other in the aptly-titled Godzilla vs. Kong…but this isn’t the first time they’ve fought. In fact, as many probably already know, back in 1962, Toho – the Japanese studio behind the Godzilla franchise – produced the film King Kong vs. Godzilla, where the two giant monsters duked it out to the death. And if you’re wondering how they explained why King Kong was able to grow taller and stand up to Godzilla in that film, I got two words for you: Magic. Berries. I wonder if they’ll have the same explanation for the sudden growth spurt in the new film as well…

However, while I’m fairly certain magical berries won’t be a factor in 2021’s upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong (though you never know!), the current Warner Bros. “MonsterVerse” – one of the only semi-successful non-MCU cinematic universes going on right now (sorry “Dark Universe”) – has actually been fairly referential to the original films that they’re ostensibly rebooting. This includes things like the “Oxygen Destroyer” weapon that killed the original Godzilla showing up in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, as well as Ken Watanabe’s character – Dr. Serizawa – being named after one of the main characters from the original film. Hell, even the ’70s setting for Kong: Skull Island is a reference to the ill-fated Dino De Laurentiis remake! In fact, I’d argue this cinematic universe’s intense referential nature may even clue us in on who the victor will be in the upcoming film!

Now, going further down the rabbit hole, the second Godzilla film in the current “MonterVerse” is the aforementioned Godzilla: King of the Monsters (a play on the title for the 1956 “Americanized” version of the 1954 Japanese original), and pointedly Kong currently isn’t called King Kong yet (his only film in the current canon is Kong: Skull Island…no “King”). Not only that, but the fact that King Kong (spoilers) WON in the original 1962 version of King Kong vs. Godzilla seems to point to the conclusion that…

Kong beats Godzilla to claim the “King of the Monsters” mantle at the end of the new film to finally become the titular “King Kong” we all know and love.

It honestly makes a lot of sense, especially considering the current tagline for the film, which states: “One Will Fall”.

Moreover, it’s been revealed there’s a “villain” monster in the film called “Titanus Camazotz” (which isn’t from the original film – in that one, Godzilla was still in “bad guy” mode before his eventually face turn a couple years later). So, I believe that after some fighting between Godzilla and Kong in the middle (or towards the end) of the film, they’ll realize Titanus (who will most likely be a genetically-altered “Mecha-Ghidorah” made by the terrorist group from Godzilla: KOTM, which was teased during the end credits) is ultimately the bigger threat at the moment. We’ve even already potentially seen glimpses of some sort of “mecha” monster in the trailers. Eventually, Godzilla will then choose to SACRIFICE HIMSELF to save Kong, and WILLFULLY give up his mantle so that Kong can finish off Titanus. They’ll even share a heartfelt and emotional good-bye after the battle as Godzilla lays prone, close to death – Kong reluctantly taking up the title (wordlessly, of course).

Furthermore, I believe they’ll reveal a “Godzooky” baby Godzilla (based on “Minilla” from 1967’s Son of Godzilla) somewhere before the end of the film, so that after Godzilla’s death, King Kong will then put “Minilla/Godzooky” under his wing to raise as his own, which will potentially leave the door open for more Godzilla-based MonsterVerse sequels (without having to resort to prequels), while also being a fitting end to the story if the MonsterVerse ultimately doesn’t return. It’ll also be a nice cap and reconciliation of the “war” alluded at in the trailer.

Now, admittedly, while the idea that Titanus Camazotz is actually a genetically-altered Mecha-Ghidorah or the inclusion of a baby Godzilla may be possibly reaching a bit on my part, I do still firmly believe that Kong winning at the end of the film is close to inevitable. Again, there’s the “One Will Fall” tagline, the fact that Godzilla is the current King and Kong is not “’King’ Kong” yet,  and – most damningly – there’s the Kong victory at the end of the original 1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla film, combined with the overtly referential nature of the current MonsterVerse cinematic universe. So, if my life depended on it, that’s where I’d place my bets. Which is does, and I have, because I’ve made some bad life choices.

But what do you guys think? And who do you think will win? Either way, sound off below!

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