Live from New York, it’s Lily Gladstone! Actress calls it a “dream” to host SNL

Killers of the Flower Moon star and potential future Oscar winner Lily Gladstone said it would be a “dream” to host Saturday Night Live.

Lily Gladstone

Lily Gladstone made Oscar history as the first Native American woman nominated for Best Actress. And while a win this upcoming weekend would be a watershed moment in Academy Awards history, she still has other aspirations. Like saying, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

Speaking with People, Lily Gladstone said, “That’s been probably a dream that I’ve held on my own…It’s like my parents — and I think it’s just what people say when you have an aspiration to act, and they want to encourage you as a kid — it’s like, ‘Oh, you’ll get an Oscar one day.’ So it almost just becomes a platitude…But the thing that I’ve always wanted to do if I’ve had this moment is to host SNL.”

While the show is, in the eyes of many, in another rough patch, hosting Saturday Night Live still remains a career achievement to many, allowing them to work under a pressure unlike nearly any other in the entertainment business. It also lets performers challenge themselves outside of their comfort zone, play off of their public persona and even take the time to dispel rumors, as Sydney Sweney did on her recent hosting gig. Now, when will Lily Gladstone get her shot? Oftentimes, the host has a project to promote, but with her next, The Memory Police, only having just been recently announced, it might be quite some time.

Awards season is also less than a week away from wrapping up, so Lily Gladstone couldn’t capitalize on an SNL hosting stint to boost her odds at winning Best Actress. Even still, she is now officially the favorite to win after taking home the Screen Actors Guild award in the comparable category. However, some still believe that Emma Stone – actually a member of SNL’s Five-Timers Club, which recognizes people who have hosted at least five times – could win her second Oscar. But with the SAG odds and a remarkable story that will make voters feel good, I’m betting on Gladstone.

Next week’s Saturday Night Live will find Josh Brolin hosting and Ariana Grande serving as musical guest. Let’s hope we get a Dune popcorn bucket skit!

How do you think Lily Gladstone would do hosting Saturday Night Live?

Source: People

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