Top 10 Bible Stories Hollywood Should Make Next

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS rounds out a year that signals the return of the Bible Movie. Starting with NOAH and now Ridley Scott’s action epic, the Bible movie seems poised for a comeback. But, they don’t all have to be crap like SON OF GOD. In fact, here are ten awesome stories that would make for phenomenal studio movies. See if you agree with our choices. If we missed one, add it to the talk backs below.

#1 – The Maccabees

This could be the most badass Bible movie of them all. Imagine a band of Jewish warriors teaming to take down the evil King who has persecuted their religious beliefs. Mel Gibson was developing the story of Judah Maccabee for a while and we know why that didn’t turn out, but this is an action-packed and powerful story that is ready made for the big screen.

#2 – The Tower of Babel

Almost a sequel to Noah, the Babel story follows the Great Flood and has all the people of the Earth building a massive skyscraper that reaches the sky. God then decides to scatter them across the world and prevents them from speaking the same language any longer. It is almost the story of how people worried God and he had to smite them. Could be the Biblical version of THE TOWERING INFERNO.

#3 – Jacob and Esau

Another Genesis tale, Jacob and Esau are brothers who come to conflict over their birthright which spawns animosity and thoughts of murder between the twins. The story ends happily, but there is enough drama between the feuding siblings that you could make a very Shakespearean movie.

#4 – Revelations

There is always a demand for Apocalypse movies but crap like LEFT BEHIND ruins everything. The Book of Revelation has been the inspiration for all sorts of horror movies, but why not make a literal version of the End of Days? That would be awesome.

#5 – David and Goliath

The ultimate underdog tale, King David’s rise would make for a great movie, even if you modernized it like the short-lived NBC series KINGS. There have been King David movies before, but if you took the story from the fall of King Saul through the rise of David through his battle with Goliath and you would have one heck of a movie.

#6 – Samson

Samson’s supernatural strength included killing a lion barehanded, destroying an entire army with just a donkey’s jawbone, and destroying a temple single-handedly. His weaknesses? Women and his chestnut locks. Can’t you just see Dwayne Johnson rocking this role?

#7 – Elijah

While THE BOOK OF ELI is a variation of this Bible story, you could make a pretty powerful movie based on the original story of Elijah. If Jesus was Luke Skywalker, Elijah was Obi-wan Kenobi. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

#8 – Solomon

King Solomon is best known as a powerful ruler whose kingdom was torn apart by war during the reign of his son. But, historical records also show he was regarded as a magician and exorcist. Can you imagine a Biblical Exorcist movie? That would be friggin cool!

#9 – Abraham and Isaac

The tale of Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of his son to God is a powerful one. But, rather than make the movie just about that, you can start the film there and follow Isaac’s rise to prominence as a leader and patriarch. Not all Bible movies have to be warrior epics, some can be powerful family dramas with a hint of attempted murder.

#10 – Jonah

He gets eaten by a whale…and lives. Make it happen!


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