Supernatural & Battlestar Galactica actor Mark Sheppard survives six heart attacks

Supernatural actor Mark Sheppard suffered six heart attacks over the weekend but is on the way to recovery.

Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard, the actor best known for playing Crowley on Supernatural, had a surreal experience of his own over the weekend, suffering – and surviving – six heart attacks after collapsing in his home.

Mark Sheppard took to social media just one day after to inform fans of the incident and update them on his progress, posting from his hospital bed, “You’re not going to believe this! Was on my way to an appointment yesterday when I collapsed in my kitchen. Six massive heart attacks later, and being brought back from dead 4 times I apparently had a 100% blockage in my LAD [left anterior descending artery]. The Widowmaker. If not for my wife, the @losangelesfiredepartment at mullholland and the incredible staff @providencecalifornia St Joseph’s – I wouldn’t be writing this. My chances of survival were virtually nil. I feel great. Humbled once more. Home tomorrow!” That would put Sheppard back home on Monday, a tremendous turnaround.

Support for Mark Sheppard has flooded in from fans and former collaborators. Supernatural co-star Collins, who played Castiel, wrote, “You don’t need to do the most and biggest every time! 6 heart attacks? 2 or 3 would have been impressive enough. You’ve impressed us, okay…Heal up and get back on the road with us. Love you, pal.”

In addition to Supernatural, Mark Sheppard has been a welcome staple on television, in particular the sci-fi genre with stints on Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (as attorney Romo Lampkin), Doctor Who, and more. There, too, were multi-episode runs on 24, Leverage and Warehouse 13. More recently, he had an arc as Willoughby Kipling on DC’s Doom Patrol. Sheppard got his start in the business with roles on Silk Stalkings and a supporting part in In the Name of the Father (1993). Although his cinematic output has been limited, Sheppard’s consistent work in television has made him a go-to and a fan favorite, especially within genre series.

We here at JoBlo are happy that Mark Sheppard survived such a heavy series of heart attacks and hope for a strong recovery.

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