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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Stephen King is one of the most prolific horror writers of all time. His works that have been translated to media are so varied that King films are a sub-genre themselves. But when it comes to the master, there is a category of one. The only movie Mr. King ever directed himself, Maximum Overdrive (WATCH IT HEREOWN IT HERE).

When going through his vast collection of adaptations, you could make a case for a handful of different films to be crowned The Black Sheep. Though Stephen King and star Emilio Estevez have gone on record with their regrets about the movie, Maximum Overdrive is just too damn fun to let sit in limbo with its 15% Rotten Tomatoes score. Whether you are new to Maximum Overdrive or it’s just been a while, check out the video above, turn up the volume, turn off your brain, and let good old Stephen King show you one hell of a time!

Directed by Stephen King, and starring Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington, and Frankie Faison, Maximum Overdrive has the following synopsis: 

A group of people try to survive when machines start to come alive and become homicidal.

This episode of The Black Sheep was Written by Andrew Hatfield, Edited by Juan Jiminez, and Narrated by Lance Vlcek, Produced by John Fallon, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian. 

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