Mayor of Kingstown: Corruption runs deep in first look teaser for new series


Paramount has unveiled the first teaser trailer for Mayor of Kingstown starring Jeremy Renner and Kyle Chandler as the McLusky brother. Today’s trailer is merely a tease to hype the arrival of a full trailer tomorrow.

Taking on a somber tone, the teaser features narration from Renner’s character as he surveys the corruption and hardships happening all around him. I’m talking about police brutality, destruction of private property, questionable prisoner reform, and fires that are likely burning evidence of a sensitive nature. The teaser is dark, foreboding, and just the tip of a very large and jagged iceberg. Hold on to your hats for tomorrow’s trailer, folks, because things are bound to get worse.

Kyle Chandler has joined the cast of Mayor of Kingstown.

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Howdy, pardners. It would seem that Kyle Chandler (Bloodline, Friday Night Lights) is joining Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye, Tag) for The Mayor of Kingstown, Taylor Sheridan’s new series for Paramount+.

Renner posted an image to social media platforms today, and Chandler’s casting was confirmed shortly thereafter. You can check out the post below:

Co-created by Sheridan and Hugh Dillon, Mayor of Kingstown follows the McLusky family, power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan, where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry. Tackling themes of systemic racism, corruption, and inequality, the series provides a stark look at their attempt to bring order and justice to a town that has neither.

According to Deadline, Chandler will play Mitch McLusky, older brother to Mike McLusky (Renner). He is a fixer both inside and outside the prison system in a town where the prisons are the economic engines to the city at large.

Chandler recently starred in Godzilla vs. Kong, and will soon star alongside Jason Momoa in the family adventure-comedy Slumberland. Directed by Francis Lawrence, the story tells of a young girl searching for her missing father in a mythical dreamland with the help of a large half-man/half-monster creature. Chris O’Dowd, Humberly González, India de Beaufort, Tonya Cornelisse, Weuche Opia, and Marlow Barkley also star.

Mayor of Kingstown premieres on Paramount+ on November 14th.

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