Michael Chiklis joins Noomi Rapace in Rupture

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Michael Chiklis may not be the FANTASTIC FOUR's The Thing anymore, but he's still up for causing some damage. The actor has signed on to play the appropriately christened The Bald Man in RUPTURE, a sci-fi thriller that's set to begin filming next month with SECRETARY director Steven Shainberg at the helm.

Chiklis's Bald Man will lead the violent capture of a single mother (to be played by the previously announced Noomi Rapace) at the orders of a mysterious organization.

Tied up in their lab, they question her about her medical history, eventually revealing that she has a genetic abnormality that her worst fear can cause her to "rupture" — causing her own alien nature to be released.

Shainberg developed the story with screenwriter Brian Nelson, whose previous credits include HARD CANDY, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, and DEVIL.

The film is being produced by Tango Pictures and the AMBI Group, and it sounds to me like it's worth keeping an eye on. Chiklis and Rapace are both great, and the pairing of writer and director is a promising one.

Source: Deadline

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