Monk breaks hearts

Full disclosure: the following news story is an excuse for me to Google image search and then post a sexy picture of Sophie Monk. Who is Sophie Monk, you ask? Well if you’re a celebrity gossip-monger, then you’ve seen her on the arm of doughy bubblegum rocker Benji Madden of Good Charlotte (he has since left her to spend some time in Paris). And if you’re a fan of sub par filmmaking, then you’ll know her from such movies as DATE MOVIE and CLICK. She also has the upcoming Rachel Dratch comedy SPRING BREAKDOWN, and SPRING BREAK ’83 (easy on the spring break thing Sophie) opposite Jamie Kennedy.

The Hollywood Reporter is now claiming that she’s signed on to star in an indie comedy called HEARTBREAKERS, proving that she is choosing her projects based on some weird title criteria. The movie will focus on hot single girls dating in LA, and Sophie’s character Lindsey is described as follows: “an outgoing, fun, and crazy 25-year-old who has been with a lot of guys.” This movie sounds like something the younger me would have touched himself too whenever it came on pay-per-view. Also the current me.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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