10 brand new images from The Hobbit available will surely become your new desktop background

THE HOBBIT opens in less than six months and now that filming has wrapped, we can bask in the onslaught of imagery and marketing for the film. On the heels of the Comic Con poster reveal, Entertainment Weekly has posted what they call "The Scroll." In fact, it is a massive ten pane poster for THE HOBBIT that combines several key moments from the Tolkien novel. If you view the image on the EW website, it has a little magnifying glass so that you can see every minute detail in the images.

Below is the mega-image broken into five segments. Each image leads in from the previous so that, if you wanted to, you could combine them into One Desktop Wallpaper To Rule Them All!

Click each image to enlarge.

I am so excited for THE HOBBIT that I desperately need to rewatch Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS extended editions and then the animated version of THE HOBBIT. So, if I start watching now, I should finish them just in time for the December 14th release of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY.

What do you think of the artwork for THE HOBBIT?

Extra Tidbit: They showed the teaser for THE HOBBIT before Pixar's BRAVE. My kids were scared shitless. Classic.



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