30 Days 2 casting

A sequel to the high-concept horror flick 30 DAYS OF NIGHT is in the works, with director Ben Ketai stepping in for original helmer David Slade, who's dealing with very different vampires in the TWILIGHT sequel ECLIPSE.

Bloody Disgusting got word of casting on the sequel, which is currently filming. Fanged ones and potential victims of mastication include the smoldering Mia Kirshner, Rhys Coiro (best known as lunatic director Billy on "Entourage"), Harrold Perrineau Jr ("Lost", 28 WEEKS LATER), Kiele Sanchez ("Lost" again, A PERFECT GETAWAY), stuntwoman Monique Ganderton, and the gloriously proportioned Diora Baird (below).

Not a bad cast for a genre flick... especially since this one's apparently going straight to DVD. I thought the first 30 DAYS OF NIGHT was intermittently effective (except for the actual bloodsuckers, who seemed more mentally challenged than menacing), but I certainly figured it was popular and lucrative enough to justify a theatrical sequel.

The first 30 DAYS took place in a sleepy Alaska town where a month passes without daylight, making it the perfect feeding ground for a clan of thirsty vampires. The sequel (presumably somewhat based on writer Steve Niles' comic follow-up DARK DAYS) follows the Alaska survivor (although it seems Melissa George isn't returning) on her quest to find and destroy the "queen" vampire ultimately responsible for the slaughter.

Extra Tidbit: Sam Raimi, whose Ghost House is releasing the sequel, originally plunked down a cool million bucks for the rights to the first comic series (which has spun off into countless comic sequels).
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