A new international trailer for Lock-Out has been let loose


MS ONE: MAXIMUM SECURITY, aka LOCKOUT, aka LOCK-OUT (I really wish they'd just pick already) is an exciting project that's been on our radar for a while.   We've shown you the first international trailer, we've shown you a second trailer, and we've shown you a featurette.  And now the movie has found itself a new international trailer that is damn intense.

I don't even care if this is "Escape from Space." I don't care if Guy Pearce (TRAITOR, MEMENTO) is playing Iroquois Pliskin without the eye patch. The flick still looks great, Pearce was born to play a bad ass like this, Peter Stormare is always an excellent villain, and based on what happens in this new trailer the story is going to take some very interesting turns.

That being said and speaking of which: this trailer does drift into spoiler territory, so if you wish to preserve as much of the movie's story as possible don't watch this. You'll just get grumpy like I did.

* I do take one small issue with the trailer, in that penetrability has nothing to do with being on Earth or not.  Zoe Saldana was very penetrable in STAR TREK, for example, and she spent most of her time on a space ship.  I.e. not on Earth.


Am I right, or am I right? We'll just say I'm right.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Guy Pearce role? I've always been partial to THE TIME MACHINE, as campy as that movie is. Though THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO showed him being a delicious ugly human being, so that was great too.
Source: NewTrailersUK



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