A swinging Spidey shows up in this pic from The Amazing Spider-Man

A new hi-res pic of Peter Parker/Spider-Man has swung online featuring a typical Spidey swing pose, but no less cool.  The image was originally featured on the cover of SFX magazine and is now available for your viewing pleasure as a stand-alone image. 


THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has been oddly quiet on the marketing front since debuting the second trailer and I'm guessing they're trying to bide their time until THE AVENGERS comes and goes.  Perhaps it's smart to wait out Marvel's big gun as it would be easy for the webhead to get lost in the shuffle. 

As much as people may like Spider-Man, it's hard to compete with an entire team of superheroes.  Best to just let them have their spotlight and then unleash the web-slinging fury.  I'm willing to bet that as soon as THE AVENGERS opens the marketing floodgates for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will open. 

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN opens on July 3, 2012, just in case you forgot, like I did.

For those unaware, Spider-Man has been an official Avenger in the comics for years now.

Extra Tidbit: The best marketing trick The Amazing Spider-Man could pull at this juncture would be to actually have him do a cameo in The Avengers. If only the studios could put aside their differences...



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