Academy Awards may go back to just five Best Picture nominees

Academy Awards Oscars

For the 82nd annual Oscars the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to increase the amount of Best Picture nominees, but according to THR the organization is "seriously considering" going back to just five Best Picture candidates.

Sources have told the site "that a significant fraction of the Academy" is pushing for the move, with many believing that "too many best picture nominees has watered down the prestige of a nomination." The increase in nominations also hasn't helped boost the ratings for the awards show, and THR says that's another reason why the organization is thinking about returning to five Best Picture nominees.

The Academy's board of governors hasn't received an official proposal yet, but a move back to the previous format will more than likely be discussed at the next meeting, which is set for March 24.

Should the Academy change the rules again and go back to five Best picture nominees, or do you think it is a bad idea?

Source: THR



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