According to producer Adi Shankar, Dredd 2 is probably not happening

You saw DREDD 3D-- it was pretty cool, right? Maybe better than you were expecting? Well I'm here to tell you not to hold out any hopes for a sequel. Producer Adi Shankar did a Reddit IAmA last week, and one of the top questions asked had to do with a follow-up for DREDD.

Here's the bulk of what was said on the subject:

Probably not. But I am working on a Dredd short in the vein of #DirtyLaundry ... you're actually the first person to know about this...

Thank you. If DREDD becomes a cult hit it will be awesome. Last September was a terrible month ... DREDD bombed and then LOOPER became a massive hit a week later!

Someone then asks if Shankar had any hard feelings towards the success of LOOPER to which he said:

Nothing against LOOPER! I think Rian Johnson is a genius and I think Joseph Gordon Levitt will become his generation's Matt Damon. Ram Bergman, the movie's real producer, is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. I would tell you how I really felt about the movie's financier James D. Stern but I think I'd get into trouble ... However, most importantly I loved watching Looper.

Would you even want a sequel to DREDD? I think that a short is a good step in the right direction. For those whoa aren't familiar, Dirty Laundry was an awesome PUNISHER short starring Tom Jane and Ron Perlman. There's definitely more that could be done with the character. I wouldn't mind if they did another installment, but they don't want another bomb on their hands either. I'm glad that there were people who did support it though. It was definitely a fun, violent flick.

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