American Gods promo shows off new footage, and possibly new characters

Continuing the trend of sharing things I am actually excited to see, there's a new featurette for STARZ's upcoming Neil Gaiman adaptation AMERICAN GODS from showrunner Bryan Fuller (HANNIBAL, PUSHING UP DAISIES). I mean, I've loved everything I've seen from the previous trailers, promos, and featurettes so far. It looks beautiful, is perfectly-cast (Ian McShane was born to play Mr. Wednesday), and seems to be keeping the book's unique tone. It also doesn't seem they're making any huge deviations from the source material (save the look of Technical Boy, though it's an adaptation choice that at least makes a lot of sense.)

Anyway, here's a new featurette titled "A Storm is Brewing" with some new footage. Let's take a look:

Wow, that's a lot of new stuff! Also, it looks like there are some new characters (I don't remember that scene with the dead woman), and expanding others (I also don't remember Easter taking away storm clouds). Honestly, though, this doesn't bother me. It makes sense to expand the scope of the novel to make it a TV show, and truthfully shows are usually better when they're allowed to grow out organically on their own path, rather than being stuck in the rigid confines of the source material.

But what do you Schmoes think? Any fans of the novel? If so, tell us what you think below!

Meanwhile, AMERICAN GODS will premiere on STARZ April 30th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: I know from sources (and even some snippets in some of the trailers) that the "sucked in through a goddess's vagina" scene is going to happen - I'm just curious how they're gonna pull it off.
Source: YouTube



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