An in-depth analysis to discover just how long Bill Murray was trapped in Groundhog Day

Well it's Groundhog Day, and I'm pretty sure when the groundhog is buried in three feet of snow and can't even see the sky, much less his shadow, that means we're in for a bunch more winter.

I'm told that today Encore is playing GROUNDHOG DAY on a non-stop loop in a very meta movie marathon.

Most of us enjoy the film, but a lingering question has always been asked of it. Just how long was Bill Murray stuck on that one day? Harold Ramis has previously said 10 years, but then revised it later to 30 or 40.

That's where ObsessedWithFilm writer Simon Gallagher comes in. Trying to live up to his site's name, he's written an incredibly detailed analysis of just how many days Murray was stuck there using clues from the film. He adds up things like how long it would take to train to be a ice carver, piano player or card thrower, along with various other comments from Murray in the film.

It's a pretty intense read, and I'm stunned someone put in the work to figure this out, but more power to you, Simon.

The grand total? 12,403 days, which is just over 34 years. Andie MacDowell was definitely cute in that movie, but could it really take that long to learn how to truly win her heart and learn not to be an asshole?

Extra Tidbit: Groundhog is a weird word. And kind of mean. Groundhog.



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