Bill Murray: 22 Things You Didn’t Know About This Celebrity

Pour a glass of your favorite yak and get ready to receive an education because we’re back with another episode of “22 Things You Didn’t Know About This Celebrity”. In this video, we’ll be exploring the life and times of the mythical Bill Murray. You know him as a Ghostbuster, a Christmas Special host, a party crasher, and an all-around legend, but what if you could know more?

Join us as we explore the many achievements and moods of Bill Murray, from his days as a Saturday Night Live cast member to when he helped save New York City from a malevolent world-destroyer. Few celebrities have “embraced their weird” the way Murray has, and we’ve all been reaping the benefits for generations. We could all learn a lot from this man, especially when it comes to grabbing life by the gopher and running with it.

Go ahead, slip into your favorite robe, cue up some music from The Steeldrivers, and enjoy this investigation into one of Hollywood’s most unique superstars!

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