And now The Fighter director David O. Russell may direct a biopic about boob-lover Russ Meyer

Even before THE FIGHTER started gathering accolades and statues, director David O. Russell's name was getting linked to different new projects at an alarming rate, including a Will Smith biblical movie, a sequel to THE FIGHTER, the comic adaptation 2 GUNS, a Vince Vaughn dramedy, an Ice Cube action flick, and his bizarro UNCHARTED adaptation that nobody who's actually played the videogame wants to see.

Now you can add another to the potential pile, a biopic about the late filmmaker and boob-worshiper Russ Meyer. Out of all Russell's directing possibilities, I vote for boobs, because boobs.

The Fox Searchlight movie would be based on the Meyer biography “Big Bosoms and Square Jaws”, which chronicles the influential fetishistic director's early rise to infamy (and how he located such wondrously bountiful ladies).

Meyer’s low-budget sexploitation flicks like SUPERVIXENS, UP! and the infamous FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! became notorious for their wanton violence, satire and women with improbable cup sizes. In addition to a multitude of humongous breasts, Meyer’s movies usually featured drag races, loud music and general excess. He also shot Roger Ebert's sole "official" screenwriting credit, BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.

Extra Tidbit: Rob Cohen (STEALTH, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) was previously attached to a movie about Meyer.
Source: Deadline



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