And the 2010 Golden Schmoes winners are...!!

As in previous years, it was the film with the most nominations (INCEPTION with a record-setting 19) that ended up with the most wins at the Golden Schmoes this year, as Christopher Nolan's film managed to sweep most of the major awards, just like his previous film, THE DARK KNIGHT, did just two years ago (that film won 12 different categories at the time). INCEPTION managed to win in 9 categories this year including "Favorite Movie", "Best Director" (take that, Oscars!!), "Trippiest Movie", "Best Sci-Fi Movie", "Best Special Effects", "Favorite Movie Poster", "Best Trailer" and both "Best Action Sequence" and "Most Memorable Scene" of the year.

Nolan also becomes the 3rd director after Peter Jackson (2002, 2003) and Quentin Tarantino (2004, 2009) to win "Best Director" twice at the Golden Schmoes! Check out where INCEPTION stacks up against previous "big winners" of the Golden Schmoes below... (Note: Nolan has 3 of his films in the top 10...the schmoes love him!)


1. The Dark Knight (2008) 12
2. Return of the King (2003) 10
3. Inception (2010) 9
4. The Two Towers (2002) 9
5. Sin City (2005) 7
6. Fellowship of the Ring (2001) 7
7. Inglourious Basterds (2009) 6
8. The Departed (2006) 6
9. Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) 6
10. Memento (2001) 6

The other two big winners this year were Edgar Wright's SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, which won 4 different categories including one of my favorite awards for "Most Underrated Movie of the Year", as well as "Best Comedy", "Best Music" and "Biggest Surprise". KICK-ASS actually finished in 2nd place for both "Most Underrated" and "Biggest Surprise" right behind SCOTT PILGRIM, but it too managed to nab 4 different categories -- every single one featuring the very awesome Chloe Grace Moritz aka Hit-Girl -- including "Best Supporting Actress", "Breakthrough Performance of the Year", "Coolest Character" and "Best Line"!

Unfortunately for other films like TRON: LEGACY (7 nominations), THE SOCIAL NETWORK (12 nominations) and BLACK SWAN (12 nominations), the INCEPTION sweep provided them with few wins, as TRON: LEGACY ended up with 0 awards, although THE SOCIAL NETWORK managed 2 for "Best Screenplay" and "Best Actor", while BLACK SWAN also managed 2 for "Best Horror Movie" (yeah, you read that right) and "Best Actress" for Natalie Portman, who becomes the first actress to win twice in that category (her previous win was in 2006 for V FOR VENDETTA). Portman's actually won 3 Golden Schmoes so far, as she also won for "Best Supporting Actress" for CLOSER back in 2004. You can see the full list of this year's winners RIGHT HERE.

GENERAL NOTES: Mila Kunis was runner-up for both "Best Supporting Actress" and "Best T&A" (which she won in 2008 for FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL), while newcome Hailee Steinfeld was runner-up for both "Best Actress" and "Breakthrough Performance of the Year". Kelly Brooke won "Best T&A" in a landslide (go boobies!!), while Conan O'Brien became our first ever non-actor to finish in the running (he finished right behind James Franco as "Favorite Celebrity of the Year"). TOY STORY 3 also marked the 7th time in 10 years that a Pixar film won for "Best Animated Movie" and the 5th Pixar film to win it in a row. I also think it's the first time that the word "cunts" is included in our awards, but I'm sure it won't be the last (check the "Best Line" category for that doozy).

Thanks to everyone who participated again this year and who keep making our little awards ceremony more and more popular every year. And if you haven't done so already, be sure to enter our OSCAR PREDICTION CONTEST right HERE! And stay tuned for our Oscar coverage, this coming Sunday, February 27th. See ya'll next year!


Inception: 9 wins
(Favorite Movie, Best Director, Trippiest Movie, Best Sci-Fi,
Best Special Effects, Favorite Movie Poster, Best Trailer,
Best Action Sequence, Most Memorable Scene)

Scott Pilgrim vs the World: 4 wins
(Most Underrated Movie, Best Comedy, Biggest Surprise, Best Music)

Kick-Ass: 4 wins
(Best Supporting Actress, Breakthrough Performance,
Coolest Character, Best Line)




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