Andrew Garfield goes to war in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge trailer

Mel Gibson, like Tom Cruise, may be a "unique" person when it comes to his personal life - but mother of God - does that man know how to make a movie. BRAVEHEART, though historically all over the place, is one of the greatest modern epics; PASSION OF THE CHRIST may be over-the-top, but it's beautifully filmed; and APOCALYPTO is a combination of the last two. He is a true filmmaker, and if you need more proof, check out the first trailer for his new movie HACKSAW RIDGE:

Andrew Garfield plays soldier Desmond T. Doss in the true story about the man who was awarded the Medal of Honor during World War II for saving 75 men without firing a single shot.

I think this is the war movie the world needs right now: A movie that honors the courage of a solider who wants nothing more than to make a difference without killing, as opposed to one who does nothing but kill (AMERICAN SNIPER). There's something beautiful in this war story and Gibson appears to have captured it.

HACKSAW RIDGE is set to come out in the heart of Oscar season on November 4.

Source: YouTube



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