Andy Muschietti to reunite with It star for Hulu's Locke and Key

After all the waiting, beyond every "What if?" scenario, Hulu's adaptation of Joe Hill's award-winning comic series LOCKE AND KEY is steadily coming along. As a major fan of Hill's incredibly creative and terrifying saga of magic, mind, and mayhem, I am thrilled to report that we have some updated casting news to share with you all.

Today, it's been announced that the Stephen King's IT reboot star, Jackson Robert Scott, has been cast in the role of Bode Locke for the forthcoming series. With Scott now set for the part, the little dude will find himself once again working with IT director Andy Muschietti, who is set to helm the show's pilot episode.

LOCKE AND KEY is based on the IDW-published horror comic book series written by Stephen King offspring, Joe Hill, with art by Gabriel Rodriguez. The series centers around three siblings who, after the unfortunate murder of their father, move to their family home in Maine only to discover that the house imparts unto them a ring of magical keys that gift them with a myriad of otherworldly abilities. While that all sounds like blast, there is also a vengeful demon that dwells on the premises, who will stop at nothing to gain access to the key that will set it loose upon the world, once more.

As I'd mentioned, Scott will step into the role of Bode Locke, the youngest of the siblings. He's a curious eight-year-old whose mind is overflowing with imagination and energy. Because of his penchant to conjure the unknown as a way of coping with his father's death, Bode is especially susceptible to the magic of the keys and the Locke manor to which they belong. Throughout the tale, Bode becomes a central character and target for the dark magics of the evil that lurks beneath the foundation of Keyhouse.

If Scott looks familiar, it's because he's been asking you to float too, as Georgie, for Andy Muschietti's IT reboot. The up-and-coming male actor will join Frances O' Connor, who has recently been cast as Nina Locke, the struggling, alcoholic matriarch of the family.

Little else is known about Hulu's LOCKE AND KEY, for the moment. Though now that Muschietti's IT reboot is just about to float into theaters, I would imagine that he'll be able to dedicate himself to shooting the pilot once the entire cast has been found. Personally, I simply cannot wait to see what LOCKE AND KEY amounts to, once all is said and done. Comic book fans have been teased with an adaptation of Hill's series for what feels like forever, and now with Andy Muschietti and Carlton Cuse working beside one another, there's no telling what manner of horror will be unlocked when the show finally makes its debut.

Andy Muschietti's IT will float into theaters beginning on September 8th.

Extra Tidbit: If I could own three keys from the Locke and Key set I would choose the Anywhere Key, Head Key, and Gender Key.



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