Angelina Jolie will be Ridley Scott's Gertrude Bell

What's Ridley Scott to do when his next film doesn't have a male lead for Russell Crowe to take? Well, look elsewhere, and in his search he's found that Angelina Jolie would best fit the titular role of GERTRUDE BELL.

Scott is producing the film, and is circling the director's chair. The movie tells the story of a woman known as the "female Lawrence of Arabia" who had a large role in establishing Jordan and Iraq in the early 20th century.

There's actually a rival project about Bell in the works from Werner Herzog, which he's been working on the last few year and has had Naomi Watts in talks to take the lead. As we've learned from the recent dueling Snow White projects, someone's gotta lose. I'd put my money on Scott and Jolie coming out on top if this moves forward.

This could be Scott's next picture after PROMETHEUS, though he has other options in the form of murder mystery CHILD 44 and fashion drama GUCCI. Wasn't he supposed to be doing a MONOPOLY movie at some point?

Extra Tidbit: Annnd this is what Gertrude Bell actually looked like.
Source: THR



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