Anthony Mackie calls Captain America: Civil War a stupendous ride

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If you enjoyed CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and thought it was everything a sequel should be, then there's a good chance you will feel the same way about the next installment, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. Phase 3 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe looks to take what we know about sequels and expand on the possibilities. Collider recently caught up with Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie who plays Sam Wilson (AKA Falcon) and who had high praise for where the upcoming sequel is taking us.

Civil War will see Robert Downey Jr. co-starring as Tony Stark going up against Steve Rogers following the events of the Age of Ultron. The collective governments of the world pass an act designed to regulate all superhuman activity. This polarizes opinion amongst the Avengers, causing two factions to side with Iron Man or Captain America, which causes an epic battle between former allies. The film will also introduce a new Marvel superhero, Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman.

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Mackie teased CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR saying:

Let’s just say it’s a wing-ding-doozy of a time.  The great thing about it is, after seeing The Avengers I joked and said Captain America 2 was Avengers 1.5.  Now with Avengers 2 coming out… Captain America 3 is so far beyond Avengers 2.5 and onto the realm of Avengers 3.8.  It’s by far one of the most stupendous rides Marvel has put together.

I can understand the excitement surrounding these movies, but I wasn’t one of the people who thought Winter Soldier was anything special. That being said though, I will see any Marvel movie where Robert Downey Jr. stars. Returning to direct the sequel are brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, who are also in line to take over as the directors of the two-part AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR saga.

Production is set to start later this year for its May 6, 2016 release.

captain american civil war
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Source: Collider



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