Aquaman swims to a new release date for fans in the United Kingdom

While James Wan is busy putting the finishing touches on a trailer for AQUAMAN, Warner Bros. has recently announced that the oceanic hero's first solo adventure will be washing up on UK shores earlier than expected. You heard me, birds and blokes. If you happen to find yourself in the United Kingdom on December 14th, and are looking forward to watching Jason Mamoa's body glisten on the big screen for upward of 2-hours, you can catch the latest installment to the DCEU a whole week earlier than its original December 21st release date!

If and when the date will change for the film's US or global release has yet to be confirmed, though history has shown that DC movies have a tendency to be unleashed at the same time in both parts of the world. But why the change, you ask? Some say that AQUAMAN might have been moved in anticipation of the release of the film's first trailer, which many had expected to arrive last month, before Wan stepped in to explain the delay.

While we can do nothing but wait for promotional materials to come in on the Hollywood tide, I think it's encouraging to know that the film tested quite well at a recent screening, with those who saw the film likening it to WONDER WOMAN, tonally speaking. Other reports have hailed the movie as an "emotional action film," adding that both Jason Momoa and Amber Heard (who plays Mera in the film) deliver solid performances as their superheroes of the sea. For the DCU's sake, I hope these these reports are true, as I'm very much looking forward to seeing what AQUAMAN can bring to the studio's struggling cinematic universe.

Are you pumped for James Wan's AQUAMAN? Did you enjoy Momoa's role in JUSTICE LEAGUE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

AQUAMAN will arrive in the UK on December 14th, and in the US come December 21st - though don't be surprised if the US date swims upstream as well.

Source: Digital Spy



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