Are Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill down for 23 Jump Street?

As premature as it may seem to discuss a sequel at this point, it may not take long to come to that conclusion, especially with 22 JUMP STREET raking in $5.5 million in midnight screenings last night. To compare, NEIGHBORS scored itself $2.5 million during it's midnight premiere, and that flick has grossed $140 million (domestically) thus far.  At this rate, 22 JUMP STREET will score itself over $50 million this weekend, which is probably just shy of its production budget (the first having cost a little over $40 million to produce).  So if this flick is the success it looks like it will be, what say the cast and crew for a 23 JUMP STREET? In a recent interview, the directors stated that an alternate ending had Schmidt and Jenko leaving Jump Street. They relented, however, and here's why.

The directors, in regards to having the characters go on after 22 JUMP STREET:

Phil Lord: Let's think of the craziest sequels we could ever think of.

Christopher Miller: Yeah, and sort of, like, be able to have a lot of fun and say that these guys gone on forever but still tweak, sort of, the franchising of movies these days. It's not homework for us. We're just nerdy guys who like to watch movies.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum's thoughts on sequels:

Channing Tatum: We joked about it, doing like an octogenarian version of this, like GRUMPY OLD MEN style. Just kinda go crazy.

Jonah Hill: COCOON. Until we're like 85.

Channing Tatum: Please let us remake COCOON. Oh my God.

Jonah Hill: 80 JUMP STREET.

Channing Tatum: Instead of BAD BOYS, we're just remaking COCOON.

I've enjoyed everything I've seen so far for 22 JUMP STREET, so as long as the film brings the funny, I'm totally down for a sequel. Jonah and Channing (we're on a first-name basis) are obviously having a lot of fun joking about the idea of sequels, but it's certainly more suggestive of them actually wanting to do one. I don't see why we can't get a trilogy out of this, or at the very least, a remake of COCOON.

22 JUMP STREET is now in theaters!

Extra Tidbit: Would you be down for 23 Jump Street?



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