Ashton Kutcher's next movie job will be to play Steve Jobs

Younger Ashton Kutcher

Young Steve Jobs


Well this is... unexpected, though the resemblance is rather uncanny.

Ashton Kutcher has briefly dabbled in the dramatic during the course of his career (THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT and BOBBY being all that comes to mind, and that's a stretch), but perhaps an indie film about "Jobs' meteoric rise from Northern California hippie to co-founder of Apple" is the perfect project with which to begin a career shift.  If he wants one, that is, since he seems to be doing plenty well enough for himself on CBS' series "Two and A Half Men." 

To be directed by Joshua Michael Stern (SWING VOTE), JOBS will begin shooting in May so as to get out of the gate well before Sony's own possibly-Aaron-Sorkin-scripted Steve Jobs biopic. 

What do you think? Will the script play up the rambunctiousness of youth so as to give Kutcher an easy time, or will he finally have a dramatic challenge?

Extra Tidbit: All I can do when I see Ashton Kutcher is hear Thomas Haden Church's voice from EASY A in my head, and it makes me grin...



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