Batman, Pennywise, Beetlejuice & more are new FunkO's cereal mascots

Earlier this month it was revealed that collectible gurus Funko would be distributing their own line of cereal using certain pop culture figures as rotating mascots. The likes of Freddy Krueger, Gollum, and Jason Voorhees were among the first wave and now wave two is upon us with mascots both heroic and horrifying.

Funko revealed via their Instagram and blog the new line of mascots, this time featuring the likes of Batman, Batgirl, Huckleberry Hound, Pennywise, Beetlejuice, The Devil from Cuphead, and the almighty Cthulhu. You can scroll through the slideshow of boxes below, each coming with a Funko figure as the prize inside.

Like the first wave, these boxes will only be made available at certain locations. Batman and Batgirl will be at Entertainment Earth; Beetlejuice will be at Box Lunch; Huckleberry will be at the Funko store; Pennywise will be at Hot Topic; The Devil will be at GameStop and; Cthulhu will be at Books-A-Million. No exact release date was announced, but the site says they will be made available next month.

Did any of you collectors out there get the first wave of boxes? If so, then it is imperative now more than ever to keep it going with this new run. Wave 2 has a cooler lineup, with the Dark Knight himself being up for grabs. I can’t help but think it would’ve been cooler to have the 1989 Batman instead, that way Michael Keaton characters (along with Beetlejuice) would have not one, but two boxes of cereal!

Source: Funko



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