Ben Affleck confirms he is still the Batman (SDCC 2017)

Recently a rumor started to swirl that Warner Bros. would begin phasing out Ben Affleck’s Batman, possibly recasting the actor for future movies. The timing couldn’t have been worse given the DCEU panel today, but Affleck took the stage and assured he is still our Batman and is having the time of his life.

The DCEU has had its shifts and down moments, for sure, but the idea that Affleck hates his job and WB is making these dramatic plans seems too gossipy; people fishing too deep for a story. Who knows, maybe there is some hidden turmoil the studio doesn't want us to know about. That's just studio politics. But on the surface, Affleck seems to LOVE playing Batman. Who wouldn't? It's [email protected] Batman! Until the actor comes out with a reason to say he's done it's safe to believe he will be wearing the cowl for some time, and looking badass in the process.

Source: SDCC 2017



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