Biel is Chun Li?

Jessica Biel Despite expressing a desire to be taken off casting directors' "Incredibly Hot Eye Candy Alternatives To Jessica Alba" list, Jessica Biel isn't one to turn down a hefty paycheck. Suffering through a filthy indie production to garner an Oscar nod is all well and good but when heaps of studio-based comic or video game adaptation money is thrown at you, you do the right thing - you take it. As Jason Statham said when Uwe Boll seduced him into DUNGEON SIEGE with the intoxicating aroma of Eau de Argent, "how bad could it be?" Biel may soon find out as, according to the Hispanic Lotharios at "Latino Review", she's likely to land the role of Chun Li in Fox's upcoming attempt to succeed where many others have failed in making an even remotely coherent movie based on the popular fighting game "Street Fighter". Their attempt at something resembling plot coherence will apparently be accomplished by focusing the story on the petite, speed-kicking "Street Fighter" princess. What's more, the film is apparently on the fast track as it's scheduled for release in 2008. Read more about this and news about Robert Rodriguez possibly directing a "Jetsons" adaptation HERE. Biel can next be seen fulfilling her "hot piece of ass" duties alongside Adam Sandler in the gay firemen comedy I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY and alongside Nicolas Cage in the sci fi thriller NEXT.

Jessica Biel

Extra Tidbit: In the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme-tastic STREET FIGHTER film, Chun Li was played by former "ER" superdoc Ming-Na Wen.



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