Bill Hader to take over the David Hasselhoff role in the Baywatch movie

Looks like 21 JUMP STREET is starting a new trend! After the massive success of that big screen reboot of an old television series, the studios must have been looking for a project that could yield similar results. What could be better than a comedic-action take on the David Hasselhoff show BAYWATCH?

The Wrap reports that BAYWATCH will be hitting the big screen but SNL vet Bill Hader will take over the lead lifeguard duties from The Hoff. The movie will be directed by Robert Ben Garant, co-creator of RENO 911! The BAYWATCH remake will definitely be a comedy with serious undertones, a la 21 JUMP STREET and THE OTHER GUYS. Garant revealed the news at Sundance and stated they shot a mock trailer for the movie before the screenplay was even completed. The plot will follow lifeguards exploring an oil rig of the Malibu coast that turns out to be a meth lab.

I am a big fan of Hader, especially when he breaks character and cracks up on SNL. The guy is definitely talented and has had numerous supporting roles in films like SUPERBAD and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM as well as animated movies CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS and the upcoming TURBO. This will be his highest profile starring role and if successful may spell the end of his tenure on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.Garant also revealed that David Hasselhoff will cameo in the movie but no word on whether any other former cast-members will return.

Source: The Wrap



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